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Lately, many achievements got into steering. Will catch up later, for now, enjoy the released hidden-blog.


Keep up

As you may or may not seen the latest progress in the website, the design is finally complete! The project list is now semi-called 'Timeline' as it represents also the time that passes by with the project I worked with. Added also a nice footer, even darker than the closings.

New gadget, apart from the contact form that was introduced as part of the webpage just a couple of days ago, there is this down down down the webpage and it's a subscribe form!

So... be sure to subscribe! :)

Moving forward

The later months, some real testing of all this technologies was achieved. The functioning is stable, updates are incoming smoothly and systems are up and running!

Next thing, is that almost all the services are running with IPFS technology. Like, this website right here!

Gate ed12

Gate ed12 is a home project. It's the old h.kaotisk-hund.tk which is still available for anyone to visit through cjdns. Now, gate ed12 is served on internet as a gateway for technology know-how and application testing. You can explore ways of communication, such as IRC and matrix for chat and use of torrent, ipfs and dat protocols for file exchanging and use of meta-tools such as searx, a meta-search engine for optimized and anonymoys searching.

Arching Kaos Radio

Radio station started for completing my thesis on Music Technology & Accoustics Engineering of the Technical Institution of Crete.

It's going on smoothly, nice atmospheres, dancing music and a nice mixture of vibes!

Check it out

SSB protocol, applications and services

SSB protocol is a short message, decentralized technology. It helps us send various types of messages across networks, safely and decentralized.

As part of working on such a protocol, there is an instance of this service for use as a common social place at Arching Kaos. You can retrieve an invite either from ssb.arching-kaos.tk or from here (in english) and (στα ελληνικά).

IPFS protocol & gateway

IPFS is a filesystem protocol. It rips data into pieces and create a reference to this particular bytes of information.

You can create a repository into your computer and you add data there. Then all you have to do is share the reference link to someone. It 's an easy way to pass files to people around the globe. Once many have this data, more people are seeding it!!

DAT protocol & gateway

DAT protocol is another file sharing tool. It creates a unique repository, in a folder on your current filesystem. Then you synchronize your data with people you sent the link of repository to.


Mesh cryptographic networking solution... :)

Read more

Timeline / Projects

Year Type Name Link
2020 website, index arching-kaos.tk Visit
2020 mail arching-kaos.tk -
2019 website, chat, matrix Chat service Visit
2019 website, searx, cjdns Search service Visit
2019 website, cjdns Gate ed12 Visit
2019 website, radio, ssb, dat, ipfs, cjdns Arching Kaos Visit
2019 eshop Sckrox Visit
2019 ssb Scuttlebot Pub Sub Visit
2019 website Ellas Consult BG Visit
2017 app, electron, nodejs irc-electron View repo
2017 app, nodejs torrent-bot View repo
2017 website AC Livas Visit
2017 website Bali Medical Center Visit
2017 website Villa Simore Visit
2016 website, cjdns Kaotisk Hund Portal Visit
2016 website, cjdns Rethymno Meshnet -
2016 website, dns Ariadne Sailing Visit
2015 website, dns Villa Sofia Prines Visit
2014 php BoxTreme Pure View repo
2013 php MPPM View repo
2012 website, radio MTA Radio -

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Kaotisk Hund is in interest with decentralized technologies, sound exploration, coding utilities, serve webpages and much more. He likes to learn new things and he enjoys small things. Loves coffee! If you have a project you wanna build and you feel like contacting Kaotisk Hund, he 's more likely to answer 'cause he 's always in search for these. He does his work with open source programs, scripts of his own, some php, nodejs and more on programming routines away.

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