SSB (scuttlebutt), Patchwork and Manyverse

Scuttlebutt is a decentralized cross-platform sosial network and Patchwork is the application. It works like: You follow someone, he/she may follow back, then you are friends. It offers channels, like the #welcome channel, private messages, likes, replies and more.

You can also browse it offline. Since you meet someone for a coffee, you let your devices “catch up”. You don’t need to stay over your screens to see the latest but just sit back and enjoy a nice conversation with your friend.

You can download the latest version from here.

In the end of the page you ‘ll see my public ID. Follow me in Patchwork!

Have fun!

Kaotisk Hund

@Fnh0dqI0Db0vsR25LGEDiuQjoztdCXTAK+xJsKTpgRo=.ed25519 // SSB id

PS: Here is an invitaion for 100 people over internet. You just paste it in the “Join Pub” dialog in Patchwork powered by Arching Kaos Radio:

For more information click here.